Published by Rosalind Beckham on October 31, 2015

3 More Sofia Vergara Movies To Watch This Weekend

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Thinking of some awesome movies to brighten up your weekend? Well, try some with Sofia Vergara. There is more to Sofia than just Mondern Family. If you look though your TV Guide subscription you’ll find plenty of her movies on repeat. She is a top class actor that never disappoints in any of the movies that she acts in. Some movies to be on the look out for are;

Hot pursuit

This movie was released on May 2015, produced by Dana Fox, Reese Witherspoon and Papandrea. It runs for 87 minutes. The story line is about a principled policewoman who is all excited about her assignment. She is to protect the Colombian beauty, Daniella (Sofia Vergara), on her way to Dallas from San Antonio. Daniella and her husband are supposed to testify in court against a drug lord. Twists and turns involving murderous gunmen and crooked police that occur during the seemingly never ending trip will keep your eyes glued to the screen to the very end.

Machete Kills

This is another captivating movie involving an impossible mission organized by the president of US (Carlos Estevez). Machete, an ex-federal agent, is the man for the mission. He is to take down a billionaire (Mel Gibson), who is an arms dealer intending to spark a world nuclear war. Machete uses his knife wielding expertise to cheat death on various occasions and ensure that the mission is accomplished. 

Wild Card

A bodyguard from Las Vegas (Jason Stratham) who has lethal skills but suffers from a gambling addiction gets himself a proposition after helping one of his clients to impress a lady (Sofia Vergara). He later finds out about the rape and beating of his friend and sets out on a revenge mission. The object of his wrath turns out to be the son of a powerful tycoon. Find out what Nick has to go through to get revenge in the movie that runs for 92 minutes. Wild card is guaranteed to offer great entertainment for your weekend.

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Published by Rosalind Beckham on October 6, 2015

The Perfect Movie for a Sunday Evening

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Spending some time just for yourself is essential, as this could relax you and help you disconnect from all those daily problems that you have. There are more things that you could do for this – read a book, listen to music, go out with your friends or take a vacation.

However, some of these activities ask some Screen-shot-2013-06-17-at-11.52.02-AMconcentration on your part, some money or more than just a few free hours. What you can do instead of all these is to watch a movie. Yes, that’s right – a movie will let you have the perfect end of the day, especially if you’ve been quite busy lately.


You can always watch a movie, especially if all you’ve got are just a couple of free hours. Most of the movies are about 2 hours long, so this will be more than enough. In the morning or in the evening, you can always watch a movie. There are so many possibilities for you today, that you can also watch it whenever you have less than 2 free hours, especially with all those available smart gadgets like smart phones or tablets.


You can watch a movie from the comfort of your home or in the cinema. This is definitely your

choice, but there is a big difference between these. Unless you have BlueRay DVD, you won’t see

the quality that the cinema is offering you.

Of course, at home you can watch it anytime, while for the cinema you have to get a ticket and stay in line to enter the cinema room.


How to Find It

If you’re going to a cinema, there are always available the schedules. There you will find all the information about the movies that are played, the time when they are played and how much the ticket costs.

If you’re planning to see it online, you can find the chef-trailer-1-2014-robert-downey-jr-jon-favreau-movie-hd_20140527184338_2movies directly online – there are plenty of free websites that are offering you online movies, but you can also check the dedicated websites like IMDB – where every movie is rated and commented.


If you’re looking for the cheapest way to see quality movies, that leaves you with the online movies. You can also rent DVDs and watch them at home. However, the online environment is still the cheapest movies provider, as there you will find everything that has been uploaded online.




The cinemas will practice different prices, and the ticket price will be higher especially if it’s about a premier. You’ll also risk to not be able to get any more tickets, as the best movies will always be played with a full cinema room.



A Title

One of the best movies to be seen on a quiet Sunday evening is the movie “Chef”. This is a combination of adventure, comedy and drama, this movie has a wonderful starring – you will see Jon Favreau, who also wrote and directed the movie, along with John Leguizamo, Bobby Cannavale, Scarlet Johansson or Dustin Hoffman. You will also see Oliver Plat and Robert Downey Jr. All of these are worldly known stars, who have played in plenty of movies, having a wide experience on the set. All you’ll have to do is search them online and see other movies that they have starred in.

For this movie however, you should expect Chef-the-Movie-FAF-MAINto live along the characters the experience of finding the inspiration in your life – the main character is a chef, who lost almost everything and has to take it up again from the beginning. The journey that he takes is one that each of you can take at least once during your life.

If you want to check out more information about this movie, you could do it here, but no matter what some people say, it’s a move that is worth watching.

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